All In One Plus Christmas Light Clip

All In One Plus Christmas Light Clip

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    • FLEXIBLE & DURABLE: These outdoor Christmas lights hooks are designed to be maneuvered underneath shingles and clipped into gutters. As such they offer enough flex to get them where they need to be without breaking.
    • EASY TO USE: Hanging lights is no longer a hassle. Simply slide the clip under a shingle or clip it on a gutter. Once secure place your bulb socket in the clamps and you're done!
    • FOR A VARIETY OF HOLIDAY LIGHTS: Whether you're using the popular choice of C9 or C7 Bulbs this clip will firmly grasp your lights and keep them secure. You can also secure or hang mini lights.
    • IMPROVE YOUR HOLIDAY DISPLAYS: Make a statement this year with your lighting decorations. Using these light clips will keep your lights looking neat and straight all season long.
    • UV RESISTANT: When traditional clips are left in the sun all day they can become brittle. Theses clips UV are resistant so they will last all season and can be reused again.



    These clips are rigid enough to handle all kinds of holiday bulbs. Whether you have a C9 Christmas light C7 or C5 these outdoor Christmas light clips are here to improve your holiday displays. Because these light clips are multi-purpose, when hanging from a rain gutter you can additionally attach an icicle light string to the hooks. This allows you to have not only perfectly aligned bulbs but accenting mini-lights to accompany them!



    Remember these clips are ALL-IN-ONE - As every good clip should be! You can still make your roof shine by taking the clip and sliding it under a shingle. The rigid teeth-like grips will ensure a strong hold all season long. You can now use these light hangers to add that holiday magic to your home. Bulk packaging ensures you have all the clips you need. With a variety of quantity options, these Christmas light clips are ready to adorn your home and bring the magic of the season to life!  Use these Christmas Light hangers for gutter guards and other locations.  Whatever your application, we're positive that you will love how these outdoor Christmas lights hangers make your home light up.