Light Stringer for C9 Light Bulbs | Green Cord with 12" Socket Spacing

Light Stringer for C9 Light Bulbs | Green Cord with 12" Socket Spacing

    Price: $10.99



    ✔️ EASY TO USE: Stringing up Christmas lights is never a hassle when you're using our light stringers.  Simply take your C9 spool and place the cord where you'd like.  Screw in your replacement bulbs and you're finished!

    ✔️ VARIETY OF STYLES:  Decorating your home with a C9 String can be a challenge without the right length or color of cord.  Our stringers come in 25, 50, and 100 foot variations available in Black, Green, and White.

    ✔️ UL LISTED:  When it comes to any electrical wiring, safety is our number one concern.  These C9 Christmas light strings have been tested against the rigorous standards and deemed safe for your home.

    ✔️ COMMERCIAL GRADE DURABILITY:  Designed with durability, our 18 gauge wires are capable of bending to the users needs.  Our C9 sockets are vented to prevent moisture buildup.

    ✔️ COMPLETE YOUR HOLIDAY DISPLAYS:  The holidays have never looked better with the sleek warm look of having your lights strung up on your house.  Get that ultimate holiday feel!


    C9 Christmas Light Stringers

    C9 light bulbs are almost as iconic to the Holiday season as Santa himself.  What would the festivities be without those big bright Christmas lights?  Often overlooked due to the colors of the lights are the light stringers that make those magical holiday moments possible.

    Essential for Perfect Lighting

    C9 light strings are essential to the season.  They are the reason the C9 Christmas light bulbs can be lined up nice and neat along the roofline of your home.  Whether its for Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday, these light stringers are there to deliver power and elegance for your holiday lights.  The C9 outdoor light string is designed for damp weather.  Weep holes at the bottom of each socket ensures that moisture has a safe place to go.  As such, an empty socket light line like these are perfect for outdoor and indoor use.  These stringers are available in a variety of colors.  Black, White, and the ever popular – Green!  This way you can decorate your lawn and home with whatever color works best for you.

    Take Your Holidays Up a Notch

    C9 String Lights Sockets will work with both LED and incandescent light bulbs.  Simply take your C9 replacement bulbs and screw them into the sockets on the C9 cord.  It’s clear that no matter what set of lights you have, your holidays will be merry and bright when using C9 LED Christmas lights or C9 Incandescent Christmas lights.


    Specifications C9 Light Stringers
    Socket Size C9 / E17
    Wire Color Green
    Wire Gauge 18 AWG
    Maximum Wattage 959 Watts
    Bulbs Included No
    Connections Male to Female *100' strand has no female end*
    Strand Length 25', 50' or 100'
    Lead Length 6 Inches
    Tail Length 6 Inches
    Number of Sockets 1 Per Foot
    Socket Spacing 12 Inches
    Wire Thickness SPT-1
    Application Indoor/Outdoor
    Warranty 1 Year