Female Zip Plug

Female Zip Plug

    Price: $5.99



    • The SIMPLE SLIDE BACK COVER allows prongs within the cap to make contact easily and safely to stringer wire or existing lighting sets
    • The SPT plug is capable of HANDLING UPTO 8 AMPS and 125 volts and is UL listed for indoor/outdoor use
    • This female plug is the PERFECT COMPLEMENT to commercial Christmas lighting or architectural designs
    • You will never need to bunch the extra cord of your lighting set again. Just attach a plug where you need it!
    • This product is great to customize light strands to any desired length. Cut to length, insert wire and slide top clip to splice wires all in one step, very simple

    • Our Female "Vampire" sockets are the clear choice by all professional installers and will work with our 1000' bulk spools of C9 and C7 sockets. Make your own extension cords using our male and female zip plugs or sockets and our 1000' or 250' 18-gauge spools of SPT wire. Our plugs are very easy to use -- just cut your wire, line up the wire on the plug, and slide on the plug.


    Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade Plastic
    Ul Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Use
    8 Amps
    120 Volts
    SPT-1 and SPT -2 Sizes available