Extension Cord, 3 Prong, Indoor Outdoor

Extension Cord, 3 Prong, Indoor Outdoor

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    This heavy duty outdoor extension cord has three-prong plugs, one outlet, 125 volts, 13 amps, and a 16 gauge wire. Manufactured with  flexible weather resistant vinyl SJTW jacket to help camouflage the cord in your front yard. Available in green, black, and brown, as well as a variety of lengths-6', 15' 25' and 50', to suit any and all of your landscaping needs. 


    Heavy Duty, Weatherproof Vinyl
    UL listed for Indoor/Outdoor Use
    16/3 gauge wire, 13 amps, rated for 120 volts
    3 Prongs 
    Green, brown, and black options for easy camoflauge
    6', 15', 25', and 50' lengths for all circumstances