Fairy Light G40 Globe LEDs | For C7 / E12 Base | Pack of 12

Fairy Light G40 Globe LEDs | For C7 / E12 Base | Pack of 12

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    ✔️STUNNING PARTY LIGHTS:  Fairy Lights have been all the rage when it comes to decorative lights. Each one of these G40 bulbs contain a strand of Fairy lights to brighten up any party!

    ✔️SHINING BEDROOM DECOR: Create a lovely glow using these string lights for bedroom decorating. Each bulb contains 7 LED lights. This allows for a bright, yet subtle warm glow to highlight bedroom areas.

    ✔️DEFINE YOUR OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE: Looking to redefine your backyard? These fairy bulbs are excellent for completing your landscape lighting. String them up from tree to tree or along a pergola for a remarkable effect!

    ✔️AMAZING AMBIENT LIGHTS FOR RESTAURANTS: Lighting plays an important part in our dining experiences. Whether you own a restaurant or are just entertaining a few guests, these fairy light bulbs can create the perfect atmosphere!

    ✔️G40 BULB SIZE & C7 / E12 BASE: Be sure to string these bulbs up using a light strand with C7 / E12 sockets. These bulbs will ship 12 in a pack. Light strand sold separately. 


    Weddings, holidays, birthdays, and date nights; whatever the occasion, lighting has always played an important part. HLO Lighting has been dedicated to innovating new ways to ensure that each moment can be special with your loved ones. Fairy lights are some of the most popular styles of lighting right now. We’ve gone ahead and combined our traditional G40 bulbs with the fairy light string idea to create these fairy bulbs! These lights look astonishing when used as accents pieces in weddings, parties, backyards, patios, and more!


    Our fairy bulbs are currently shipping as a pack of 12. The light strand is not included. Be sure to click on our Amazon storefront and you’ll be able to find the light string that will pair with these bulbs. Using a C7 / E12 light string, you can run a line of lights above your garden, kitchen, patio, doorways, and much more! Create a beautifully stunning glow with this set of dazzling fairy bulbs. Each bulb puts off just enough light to contribute to the ambiance of the room. They are not too dim, not too bright; they're just right. Grab your set today!